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We'll All Die As Marines (HB)

We'll All Die As Marines (HB)
We'll All Die As Marines (HB)

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One Marine's Journey from Private to Colonel

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Upon retirement after nearly 36 years of service as a United States Marine, Colonel Sheldon J. "Jim" Bathurst traveled a bit, then settled in Montana. During the winter months, he trekked to warmer climes where he had ample opportunity to reflect on his time as a Marine when he served in various assignments from Private to Colonel. He began compiling folders of the details of his duties for his family to read once he was gone.

Finally, at the urging of his Marine friends, he completed a book describing his experiences from growing up in Maryland along the shores of the Chesapeake Bay to dropping out of high school at 17 to join the Corps, beginning a lifelong adventure. Thus the origin of the book, We'll All Die as Marines: One Marine's Journey from Private to Colonel.

As Col Bathurst notes: "What you are now holding in your hands was 55 years in the making - nearly 36 years living it, and 19 years writing it." In reading the particulars of what his life as a Marine entailed, it is obvious he put a great degree of thought into the book, written in an easy-to-read, smoothly flowing style while taking you into his day-by-day adventures and making the reader a part of them. It is extremely emotional in parts, especially his combat ordeals, while humorous in others.

Chronicled therein is the detailed story of Jim Bathurst's varied career from the day he arrived at boot camp at Parris Island, SC, on March 6, 1958, to his retirement ceremony at Camp Geiger, NC, on October 1, 1993. In his in-depth account of his exciting journey, Jim Bathurst provides a comprehensive study of his service at all his duty stations and assignments including drill instructor duty at Parris Island; Vietnam where he led an infantry platoon in combat as a sergeant earning a Silver Star, a Bronze Star medal with Combat "V", a Purple Heart and ultimately a combat commission to second lieutenant; his duty at Marine Barracks Washington and much more.

In summarizing his life and career, Jim Bathurst says it best when he states "...the Corps was not a job, a career, or even a profession; it was - and still is - a way of life."

Major Dennis Copson, USMC (Ret)