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Victory at High Tide (PB)

Victory at High Tide (PB)
Victory at High Tide (PB)

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Colonel Robert Debs Heinl, Jr. is one of the finest writers of military literature ever to emerge from the profession of arms in the United States. His trenchant and swift-moving account of the Inchon-Seoul amphibious campaign of September 1950 describes the dismemberment of the Communist invasion of South Korea by the Marines.

Despite natural obstacles, a fierce enemy, indecision in Washington and inter-service bickering, Inchon was taken by the Marines and the capital was liberated within a fortnight. Colonel Heinl, who was a participant and witness to these events, provides lively and opinionated insights into the background of national politics and strategy, as well as the effects of the conduct on the war of the unification of services.
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