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Veterans Voices (HB)

Veterans Voices (HB)
Veterans Voices (HB)

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Remarkable Stories of Heroism, Sacrifice, and Honor

Through intimate photographs and poignant stories, this heart-rending book showcases the courage, heroics, and sacrifice of selected U.S. soldiers and veterans. This deeply moving, timely celebration of veterans highlights the heroes in our midst by bringing these brave men and women to life. Veterans Voices blends beauty and impact and gorgeous photographic displays with inspiring storytelling.
  • 125 color photos
  • Published by National Geographic
About the Authors
Robert H. Miller is a successful author and photojournalist. He has been a professional photographer for thirty-six years and is the recipient of several international awards. He is the author of Hidden Hell: Discovering My Father's POW Diary and co-author of Portraits of Service with Andrew Wakeford.

Andrew Wakeford, a British native, was a freelance advertising photographer for well-known global companies for most of his adult life. He began working for the Patton Sustainable Trust in Germany in 2009 where he curated several exhibitions and gained access to veterans and their stories. Veterans Voices is his second book with his friend and co-author Robert H. Miller devoted to veterans.
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