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USMC Silent Drill Team Statue

USMC Silent Drill Team Statue
USMC Silent Drill Team Statue

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Silent Drill Team
USMC Silent Drill Team

Every Marine recruit will practice Close Order Drill, marching in formation from the day they begin training through the day they graduate. Members of the Silent Drill Platoon are handpicked to represent the Marine Corps, exemplifying Marine discipline and skill. Sculpted in the Marine dress blues uniform, our impression embodies the proud legacy of Marines who have served for more than two centuries.

Khaki Army® statues are a tribute to all who have served our great country. Our Museum Quality Sculpture Collection statues have unparalleled accuracy, detail and aesthetic quality. Extensive research and military reference ensures that each subject is historically and technically accurate and realistic, capturing authentic emotions, true realism and exact details.
  • Limited Edition
  • Individual Serial Numbers
  • Bronze Over Resin
  • Hand Finished
  • Authentic Detail
  • Extreme Realism
  • Height 12.5 Inches,1/6 Scale
  • Weight approx. 5 lbs
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