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The Ugly American (PB)

The Ugly American (PB)
The Ugly American (PB)

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The Ugly American became a runaway national bestseller for its slashing exposé of American arrogance, incompetence and corruption in Southeast Asia. Based on fact, the book's eye-opening stories and sketches draw a devastating picture of how the United States was losing the struggle with Communism in Asia. Combining gripping storytelling with an urgent call to action this book prompted President Eisenhower to launch a study of our military aid program that led the way to much-needed reform.

About the Authors
Eugene Burdick (1918-1965) taught at the University of California at Berkely and was chairman of the World Affairs Council in San Francisco. You may be interested in purchasing Burdick's other novel, Fail Safe,through

William J. Lederer (1912-2009) was the co-author of The Ugly American and other books.
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