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Due to Hurricane Florence, the Camp Lejeune store will be closed until further notice.

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Our uniforms are tailor made just for you! Conveniently organized for you to shop by rank, gender, and uniform type.
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Purchases at The MARINE Shop benefit MCAF programs - shop with that knowledge that your purchases support Marines!
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Select the Uniform you need in the Table of Contents to access page(s) quickly.
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Items required for men's Blue Dress uniform
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Shop for all Female Blue Dress uniform accessories
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Shop for all required Male Officer Service Uniform accessories
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Shop all Female Officer Service uniform Accessories
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Find all Evening Dress uniform components for Field Grade Male Officers and above
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All components of Female Officer Evening Dress Field Grade and above uniform
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Evening Dress uniform accessories for male SNCOs
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Female SNCO Evening Dress uniform and accessories

Uniform Catalog (Updated December 2015)

Ordering a Marine Corps uniform can be confusing. This virtual digital catalog makes for faster browsing and shopping - simply click on items you like to buy them from our online store.