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In the early 1990s, the Republic of Congo is at the precipice of change. The country is undergoing a democratic process, and the American embassy is caught in the crossfire.

Gunnery Sergeant Bob Turner arrives on assignment as the Detachment Commander of the embassy's Marine Security Guard Detachment. Accompanying him are his wife and two children. As Gunny Turner adjusts to a new life in a foreign land, a storm is brewing both in his life and in the country.Bob's wife is not happy with the assignment, and Bob has to balance dealing with her anger and carrying out his duties. He frequently has to put others' safety before any personal troubles he has.

As tension escalates, Bob must keep his wits with him as his family's safety is threatened and as he and his Marines safeguard American lives and protect their embassy from protesters intent on taking over.

Will they survive the assault? Will help arrive in time?

Author: Jim Hawn
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