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Pete Ellis (PB)

Pete Ellis (PB)
Pete Ellis (PB)

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An Amphibious Warfare Prophet, 1880-1923

Few Marines have had more impact on the Corps' history than Pete Ellis, and none have been more controversial. This biography of the brilliant yet troubled Marine disputes many long-accepted but unsubstantiated accounts of his life and death. Ellis' legacy as the father of amphibious warfare is fully examined by the authors, who searched through family papers, fitness reports, and Japanese sources, and who interviewed eyewitnesses to solve the mysteries of Ellis' tragic life.

About the Authors
Dirk Anthony Ballendorf is a professor at the University of Guam and the author of several books.

Merrill L. Bartlett, a Marine Corps officer for twenty years, has written many books on naval history. He is the co-author of Leathernecks and lives on Vashon Island, WA.

An MCA-USNI Marine Corps Leatherneck Original Book Published in Partnership with the Marine Corps Association.

Leatherneck Originals are new or out-of-print books that have been specially commissioned or reprinted by the partnership of the United States Naval Institute and the Marine Corps Association to provide professional reading material of enduring value on subjects of particular interest to Marines. Books selected as Leatherneck Originals particularly serve the Marine Corps Association mission of supporting the Marine Corps by disseminating knowledge of military art and science among Marines and also foster the spirit and preserve the traditions of the Marine Corps.
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