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Ortiz: To Live a Man's Life (HB)

Ortiz: To Live a Man's Life (HB)
Ortiz: To Live a Man's Life (HB)

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Look for an article in Leatherneck magazine October 2012
Full Book review in November 2012 issue


To Live a Man's Life

You can't make this stuff up. Historian and author Laura Lacey realized early on that if someone wrote a novel about a daring-do swashbuckler similar to WW II Marine Peter J. "Pierre" Ortiz, nobody would take it seriously.

Fortunately for Lacey, Ortiz was one of those rare individuals really bigger than life. Her problem was to give the readers facts, which even when field-stripped, defy credulity. His life was a series of rousing adventures that were the basis for several Hollywood screenplays. He was a handsome adventurer, a decorated French Foreign Legionnaire with two awards of the Croix de Guerre, a World War II Marine officer with two Navy Crosses and two Purple Hearts, a member of the covert Office of Strategic Services and captured by the Germans only to escape and three years later be captured again - and he was a Hollywood movie star. He spoke five languages including French, German and Arabic. His countless escapades seem like the stuff of dime novels, except they are all true.

About the Author
Laura Lacey earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in liberal studies and history from the University of Mary Washington and the University of Texas at Arlington, respectively. She is the author of Stay Off the Skyline, the history of the Sixth Marine Division, and serves as the historian for the division. She is the daughter, wife and mother of Marines and is an adjunct professor and high-school teacher in Virginia.