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No Greater Love (PB)

No Greater Love (PB)
No Greater Love (PB)

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The Groucho Marx Battle

A U.S. Marine Corps reconnaissance team and an infantry platoon became stranded on a tiny jungle knoll in faraway Vietnam. Surrounded and outnumbered over ten-to-one, the young Marines fought attacking North Vietnamese Army soldiers throughout the long night. Against vastly overwhelming odds this struggle to survive exemplified the warrior ethos of the Marine Corps. Loyalty to brothers-in-arms never faded. Infantrymen and helicopter crews shared the sacred bond, the trust, the love, the passion, the incommunicable experience of Marines at war. Brotherly love and loyalty were the glue that held the young Marines together. Their love cannot be shattered by passing years, or social status, or race, or misfortune, or declining health, or poverty, or by anything other than death. There is no greater love.
  • 68 photo pages and maps
About the Author
Marion Sturkey was a young Marine NCO when he was selected for flight training in 1963. Two years later he was commissioned. He flew Marine Corps helicopters in Vietnam during 1966 and 1967. After release from active duty he became a commercial pilot for the oil and gas industry. He later held managerial positions at AT&T and served as a guest instructor at Bell Communications Research. This is his 13th book.
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