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Male SNCO Evening Dress Uniform

Male SNCO Evening Dress Uniform
Male SNCO Evening Dress Uniform

Estimated Price: $527.30

Estimated Member Price: $493.19

SKU: 501710

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Allowed file extensions to upload: png, jpeg, jpg, gif

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Estimated Price: $527.30

Estimated Member Price: $493.19

Take the guesswork out of ordering your uniform!

Simply fill out all of your measurements and details, attach photos as indicated, add to cart, and check out.
Our experts will contact you to review your order and provide a finalized invoice total.

You will not be charged until your order is processed for tailoring.

The tailoring process takes 4-6 weeks.

Please Note:

  • Male SNCO Evening Dress uniform package contains all the necessary components; items can be added or removed as needed.
  • To ensure the most accurate fit, please print the Measurement Form above and take it to a professional tailor to complete.
  • Pictures should be taken wearing PT gear and show the entire body.
Quality. Craftsmanship. Precision.
Since 1962, The MARINE Shop has been known as THE leader when it comes to producing well-tailored uniforms, working with our customers to ensure they receive the exact specifications and fit required by Marines. The MARINE Shop does it all, from the top of your head to the tips of your shoes, your uniform requirements are our top priority. No two uniforms are alike because no two Marines are alike, and a uniform purchased "off the rack" doesn't have the same feel, fit or finish as the one expertly tailored for you at the foremost authority on Marine uniforms. Your performance demands perfection, and The MARINE Shop strives to provide that perfection in your uniform.

Package includes:
  • Staff NCO Male Jacket (Item 501716)
  • Evening Dress Trousers (Item 500343)
  • Evening Dress Shirt (Item 500417)
  • Black Clip-On Bowtie (Item 500327)
  • Dress Collar Ornaments (Item 500359)
  • Shirt Studs (Item 500420)
  • Scarlet Cummerbund (Item 500390)
  • Dress Frame & Cover Set(Item 501425)
  • Black Chin Strap (Item 500315)
  • Dress Cap Ornament (Item 500358)
  • Sewn on Chevrons - ALL ranks available - E6 shown (Item 500571)

This uniform package includes our exclusive garment bag for the safe storage and transport of your USMC Evening Dress uniform.

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