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Infantry in Battle (PB)

FMFRP 12-2
Infantry in Battle (PB)
Infantry in Battle (PB)
FMFRP 12-2

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Tactics of Small Units FMFRP 12-2

In Infantry in Battle we find a book well worth the time of any soldier. This book was compiled at The Infantry School, Fort Benning, Georgia, largely from the personal experience monographs on file in the historical section at that school. The new edition is not simply a reprint of the First Edition, but in many cases has been completely rewritten and the maps improved.

The subjects covered are those of the most vital interest to every officer, be he young or old, and the many subjects are covered in such a manner that they could never become dull. Actually, the idea embodied in this book is similar to that in the Reader's Digest, in that the monographs have been briefed and the meat taken from each so that a lot of unnecessary reading is eliminated.

One of the greatest problems we have in our military peacetime studies is to visualize the so-called "fog of war" and to keep in mind during our maneuvers and our studies the problems that will arise as a result of this "fog of war." It is our opinion that Infantry in Battle will do a great deal to help in this problem and can be particularly useful to us in the Marine Corps. Twenty-seven subjects are covered such as Obscurity, Surprise, Orders, Control, Fire and Movement, Counter-Orders, Night Attacks, etc. Each subject is treated by short extracts from the personal experiences of some officer, not only of our own forces, but those of a great many foreign officers, and of several such experiences to bring out the points under consideration. Following each such experience is a short discussion written by some members of the Staff at the Infantry School, pointing out the essential features brought out in the example and stating clearly what should be had from the example.

Infantry in Battle has a place in the library of every officer, both naval and military.
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