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Handbook for Marine NCO's

Fifth Edition (HB)
Handbook for Marine NCO's, 5th Ed (HB)
Handbook for Marine NCO's
Fifth Edition (HB)

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While this thoroughly revised fifth edition reflects all of the many changes in the organization of the Corps, it continues to focus on helping Marine NCOs "make the most of their chevrons and...get ahead in the corps." Practical and easy to use, it is the only reference that provides fast access to all of the many official military regulations and instructions that an NCO needs to know. Its sound advice and up-to-date information on military matters help new NCOs acquire a firm understanding of the different specialties in the USMC and serves as a quick refresher for even the most seasoned Marine.

About the Author
Kenneth W. Estes, a 1969 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, served in a variety of USMC command and staff assignments until his retirement in 1993. The author of several books, including the prior edition of this manual, he holds a PhD in history and has taught at Duke University, the Naval Academy, and other institutions.