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Gung Ho! (PB)

Gung Ho! (PB)
Gung Ho! (PB)

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The Corps' Most Progressive Tradition

Gung Ho! shows what influence a Mao-oriented Raider motto has had on the U.S. Marine Corps since 1942. Most significant has been its contribution to squad tactics. With better infantry squads, modern-day expeditionary forces would need less firepower. But, this is not just another philosophical treatise. It is an action-packed account of the fight for the Upper Solomons, Guam and Okinawa in WWII.

Then, it takes the reader to the front lines of the 4th Marine Regiment and CAP village program in Vietnam. At the end is a way for both U.S. infantry branches to enjoy more small-unit proficiency. Without it, they can't win WWIII.

About the Author
After almost 28 years as a commissioned or non-commissioned infantry officer, John Poole retired from the United States Marine Corps in 1993. On active duty, he studied small-unit tactics for ten years.While at AITC, he developed, taught, and refined courses of instruction on maneuver warfare, land navigation, fire support coordination, call for fire, adjust fire, close air support, M203 grenade launcher, movement to contact, daylight attack, night attack, infiltration, defense, offensive Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT), defensive MOUT, NBC defense, and leadership. While with CSLC, he further refined the same periods of instruction and developed others on patrolling.

He has completed all of the correspondence school requirements for the Marine Corps Command and Staff College, Naval War College, and Marine Corps Warfighting Skills Program. He is a graduate of the Camp Lejeune Instructional Management Course, the 2nd Marine Division Skill Leaders in Advanced Marksmanship (SLAM) Course, the East Coast School of Infantry Platoon Sergeants' Course, the Combat Squad Leader's Course (CSLC) and five trips to the Orient.

Since retirement, he has researched the small-unit tactics of other nations, traveled extensively behind enemy lines, and written eleven tactics and intelligence manual supplements. He has also conducted multi-day training sessions for 39 battalions, eight schools, and five Special Operations units on how to conduct 4th-Generation Warfare at the small-unit level.
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