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Ghosts of Kanmubong Ridge (PB)

Ghosts of Kanmubong Ridge (PB)
Ghosts of Kanmubong Ridge (PB)

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Ghosts of Kanmubong Ridge North Korea-1951 depicts scenes from one of the most harrowing Korean War battles that took place. The panorama in this book is comprised of photographs, original sketches, and paintings by U.S. Marine Combat Artist and Sniper Jack L. Cannon. Also included are eye-witness descriptions, reflections, poetry, and actual communication reports from Kanmubong Ridge during the fighting. Historians have compared this battle to the trench warfare of World War I in its intensity. Marines who were in the battle of Iwo Jima have put it side-by-side with their combat experience. This book gives the reader a rare glimpse into the "Forgotton War."

About the Author
Jack L. Cannon has led a life full of achievements, among which include being a U.S. Marine Corps sniper and combat artist, husband, father, inventor, precision machinist, martial arts master and instructor of several disciplines, and fine art teacher.

He started at the age of five with a drop-block Stevens 22-caliber long rifle, which he used to hunt squirrels in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. He was awarded three purple hearts in Korea. His works of combat art and fine art reside in the Parris Island Museum, Marine Corps Archives, Leatherneck Art Gallery, and around the world in private collections.
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