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Edson's Raiders (PB)

Edson's Raiders (PB)
Edson's Raiders (PB)

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1st Marine Raider Battalion in WWII

Under the fiery leadership of Merritt "Red Mike" Edson, the 1st Marine Raider Battalion provided the vanguard of a strategic experiment with seaborne commando units in the Pacific. From 1942 to 1943 Edson's Raiders fought seven critical battles in Tulagi, Guadalcanal, and New Georgia against some of Japan's most experienced jungle fighters. Twenty-four Raiders had ships named in their honor. Col. Joseph Alexander's book presents abundant first-person accounts of the conflicts, from Edson himself to such hard-nosed NCOs as Angus Goss, Walter Burak, and Anthony Palonis.

About the Author
Col. Joseph H. Alexander, a Marine combat veteran from Asheville, NC, is the award-winning author of six books, including Utmost Savagery. He helps produce military documentaries and serves as historical adviser for the National Museum of the Marine Corps.

An MCA-USNI Marine Corps Leatherneck Original Book Published in Partnership with the Marine Corps Association.

Leatherneck Originals are new or out-of-print books that have been specially commissioned or reprinted by the partnership of the United States Naval Institute and the Marine Corps Association to provide professional reading material of enduring value on subjects of particular interest to Marines. Books selected as Leatherneck Originals particularly serve the Marine Corps Association mission of supporting the Marine Corps by disseminating knowledge of military art and science among Marines and also foster the spirit and preserve the traditions of the Marine Corps.
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