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Death Before Dishonor Coin

Death Before Dishonor Coin
Death Before Dishonor Coin

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Perhaps this challenge coin is the most meaningful of all to carry. Every Marine serves his country with pride, prepared to undertake any mission that defends the Constitution and secures freedom anywhere in the world. Honor, courage, and commitment are a Marine's core values. The Marine Corps Death Before Dishonor challenge coin is classically made, rich with symbolism, and perfectly suited to the mission of every Marine around the globe. The Eagle, Globe & Anchor fix your gaze, backed by rays of rugged metal. The flaming skull deftly enameled in bone white and crimson on the coin's reverse captures the lethal effectiveness of the Marines, echoing the Corps' motto, "Semper Fi" (Always Faithful) and the chilling promise, "Death before dishonor." What coin could rank higher? What coin could be more meaningful?

To serve as a Marine is not simply to serve with honor - it is to prefer the final embrace of the grave rather than act in a way that brings harm or disgrace to other Marines, oneself, or the United States? This is a Marine's highest calling and his greatest promise - and one that echoes from Roman times to today's deployments in the Global War on Terror. Carry this coin, and carry it with honor.
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