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"Assault on Seawall of Betio at Tarawa" Waterhouse Print

"Assault on Seawall of Betio at Tarawa" Waterhouse Print
"Assault on Seawall of Betio at Tarawa" Waterhouse Print

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Special Order

"Assault on Seawall of Betio at Tarawa Atoll, November 1943"
This print depicts amphibious landing at Tarawa.

40% of the proceeds from this print directly benefits Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation.
The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation is the Nation's oldest and largest provider of need-based scholarships to military children, with particular attention given to those whose parent has been killed or wounded in combat, or who have demonstrated financial need.
  • Measures 16" x 21"
  • Printed on archival quality paper
"There were a few landings where Marines managed to get their feet wet in the Pacific, but none would come close to the bitter wade-in march from reef to beach under the furious bombardment of machine guns, mortar, and artillery fire, at the tiny islet of Betio at Tarawa atoll in November, 1943.

Members of the 2nd Marine Division made the first assault beachhead landing against a heavily defended, and almost fanatical enemy resistance. In 76 hours of furious battle the island was secured, and except for a handful of Korean prisoners, the entire garrison was wiped out. The battle was bitter, the costs were high; but the lessons learned were vital to the success of our future campaigns in the Pacific."

- Excerpt from Marines and Others: The Paintings of Colonel Charles Waterhouse USMCR (Ret)
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