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For Bonnie Amos, family has always been the top priority. Born, raised and educated in Pensacola, Florida, Mrs. Amos met her Marine fighter pilot husband while he was completing flight school in September 1971. Since then, the Amos’ have been a team and staunch advocates for military families. Throughout General Amos’ career, they have relocated 29 times to 19 different locations. Mrs. Amos will tell you that some were better than others, some more adventuresome; but all are filled with fond memories and great stories.

Raising two children in the Marine Corps lifestyle, Mrs. Amos understands the challenges and sacrifices that military families face. Between the two of them, the Amos’ children attended a total of 25 different schools for primary and secondary education. They are now both married, leading successful professional lives and have blessed General and Mrs. Amos with three active grandsons and one perfect granddaughter.

Throughout her journey as a Marine spouse, Mrs. Amos has dedicated much of her time and energy to family readiness programs, spouse clubs and numerous volunteer organizations. As First Lady of the Marine Corps, family readiness, to include Wounded Warriors and their families, remain her top concerns. She is actively involved in such efforts as the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society and Ball Committee, Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, Armed Forces Foundation, Operation Homefront’s Military Child Award, Military Spouse of the Year Award, Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund, Fisher House Foundation, Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, the University of Idaho’s Operation Education Program, Marine Officers’ Spouses Organizations, and the USO.

In addition to volunteering in many areas, she has also held a number of positions outside of the military community. These employment positions span the spectrum from managing banks, starting up an aerobic dance exercise class, operating multiple ice cream franchises, and selling residential real estate. Additionally, she worked for a commercial real estate development company for 22 years. It goes without saying that included in her many life experiences, there have been multiple and unpredictable deployments.

While she has not loved every minute of the incredible nomadic lifestyle that goes with the territory of being a military spouse, she has loved most of it. From the more difficult times, she and her family have learned the lessons of life that have helped shape who and what they are today. For her part, Mrs. Amos has no regrets. She and her family consider it an honor to serve the Marine Corps and the nation for so many years.