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A Marine Anthology (HB)

A Marine Anthology (HB)
A Marine Anthology (HB)

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In the Spirit of Semper Fidelis

In a fast paced and highly readable follow on to his original work, The Spirit of Semper Fidelis, retired Major, and three-war Marine, Ric Spooner's new work, A Marine Anthology: In the Spirit of Semper Fidelis continues to show the unique nature of America's soldiers of the sea.

Written as a fictional anthology, the book intersperses a number of Corps Legends like Dan Daly, Smedley Butler and others into the lives of highly memorable fictional characters whose unfolding adventures and experiences in the Boxer Rebellion, the Great War, the Banana Wars weave the fabric of Marine life in the run up to World War II. Through combat in France with the 6th Marines in WW I to working with the Gendarmes in Haiti, serving in China and passing through expeditionary camps in New Zealand and recruit training in the 40's and ultimately, the campaign to seize Saipan, Spooner vividly paints Marines in all their activities from recruit training, shooting on the range, liberty in exotic places and lengthy transits to get to the action. His ability to affectionately paint Marines as real characters, warts, flaws and all, without turning them into caricatures stands out and blends with his exhaustive grasp of Marine history to paint the times with unparalleled accuracy and interest.