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"A Few Good Men" Coin

"A Few Good Men" Coin
"A Few Good Men" Coin

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Marines, A Few Good Men

For more than 200 years, the US Marine Corps has made "a few good men" into the world's most effective combat force. This challenge coin commemorates that history and the dedication of the Americans who are "first to fight," traveling willingly to any shore where liberty is threatened and tyranny must be abolished. Trained tough in order to endure any battle adversity and convert it into triumph, Marines represent a small fraction of US military forces, but are nonetheless rightfully feared and admired as the world's fiercest warriors.

Both sides of this challenge coin include words and symbols that join all Marines in pride. The reverse features the renowned Eagle, Globe and Anchor. The obverse features a black cross to represent bravery and heroism; the popular shortening of the Marine Corps motto, "Semper Fi"; and the stirring reminder that the Marines are "A Few Good Men."
  • Antique bronze with enamel highlights
  • 1 3/4" diameter
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