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Uniform Accessories

Browse this category for items such as khaki shirts, cap ornaments, desert boots, etc. Visit Tailored Uniforms page to order Dress Blue uniform or other tailored items.

Badges & Wings



Covers & Accessories

Dog Tags & Accessories

Dress Blues

To order Tailored Marine Corps Dress Blue uniforms, use the appropriate Order Form.

Drill Instructors

Enlisted Accessories

Evening Dress

Female Officers & SNCOs


Male Officers & SNCOs

Marine Corps League

For Evening Dress, download the Marine Corps League Evening Dress uniform order form.

Medals, Ribbons & Devices

To order mounted medals and ribbons, visit Medal & Ribbon Mounting page for partner vendors.

Name Tags & Tapes

Personal Decoration Pins

SALE! Uniform Items

Service (Alpha/Charlie)

Swords & Accessories

For repair or refurbishment of swords and sabers, visit our Sword Services page.
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